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Your local area board has a capital budget to support grants for local community projects in the area. The grants are used in accordance with the Council’s community area grants policy that is explained more fully below.

The community area grants budget is aimed at one off or start up projects – the money can be spent on acquiring, upgrading or building assets. Capital expenditure is generally made to purchase or enhance property, furniture or fixtures, larger items of equipment (including computer, play and amenity equipment), motor vehicles and other physical assets with a long life span. The boards also have revenue funding available to support youth and health and wellbeing projects.

Check if your project is eligible for funding and start an application

What we offer – capital grants

Up to £5,000 of funding available (more in exceptional cases) for local community projects.

Up to £1,000 available for small projects, where there will be no need for you to find matched funding

Up to 50% of the total cost of a project, where the total cost is more than £1,000

Funding is available to help provide facilities, equipment and activities that are important to the local community. These awards can really make a big difference in helping communities get schemes and projects started.

The Area Boards wish to support the ethos of volunteering and community involvement and to that end have decided that Community Area Grant funding should go to these groups.

Applications are considered and decided at each Area Board meeting and applicants are welcomed to the meetings to speak in support of their project and answer questions from the Board and other

Making an application

All grant applications are now submitted using the Council’s online application system. Click here.  The system guides applicants through the process giving advice and help as they complete the short form. Applicants can save an application at any stage and return to it later.

To ensure applications have the greatest chance of success, applicants are encouraged to leave sufficient time to develop a strong application. Preparatory work would include investigating a variety of match funding opportunities before submitting an application.  Further advice about writing a strong funding application can be found here.

To save frustration and wasted time, we strongly advise that applicants read the following funding criteria before they start an application.  We have separate funding for youth grants, please look at our funding requirments

What we cannot consider

The council will not consider grant applications for:

(a) Political or religious activities (although secular projects by faith groups are welcomed)

(b) Parish councils and statutory bodies to fund their normal services or activities (including Wiltshire Council services, school curricular projects, etc)

(c) Sole benefit of individuals

(d) A private – profit making/commercial organisation

(e) Recurring revenue or running costs – e.g. rent, rates, utilities, printing, stationery, salaries, etc

(f) Retrospective funding

(g) Repeat requests for annual events

(h) A project that has already received funding in the same financial year from your area board.

fundraise for another organisation

(j) Training of trustees or fundraisers

(k) Projects that are being administered through a third party

(l) Projects that are applying for funding to more than 3 area boards, as these are not considered local projects

(m) Applicants can make no more than 2 applications in any financial year

Our funding requirements

To avoid disappointment it is important that applicants follow the following requirements

  1. Applicants for funding are encouraged to discuss their project with the Community Area Manager well in advance of submitting their bid.
  2. Applicants should use the Council’s online funding application system <insert link>.
  3. Applications are invited from not for profit organisations/activities or groups; clearly showing a need for financial support, through evidence of current financial status and supported by bank statements and audited accounts which must be available for inspection upon on request.
  4. Projects should demonstrate a link to a local priority e.g. in a Community Plan or Joint Needs Assessment or evidence of another identified community need.
  5. No projects will be awarded funding retrospectively.
  6. Successful applicants should not seek any additional financial support from Wiltshire Council for the same project.
  7. Grants will not normally exceed £5,000
  8. Projects where the total cost of the project is up to and including £500 do not require match funding.
  9. ‘Contributions in kind’ either as volunteer time or materials may be costed into your project calculations, based on a maximum of £50 per day for general volunteers and £100 per day where professional/technical advice is provided e.g. architect drawing up plans.
  10. For funding requests of more than £500, financial support from other sources must be identified (match funding), which can be made up or in part by contributions in kind. No more than 50% of the total cost of a project will be awarded (with the exception of town/parish councils).
  11. Applications from town and parish councils will not receive more funding than that contributed (in cash from their annual precept) by that town or parish council, since they are able to raise funds through their precept/local taxation.
  12. Applications must be received a minimum of 6 weeks before the relevant area board.
  13. If you are asking the area board to fund any item that costs over £500, one written quote/estimate must be obtained. This must be from the supplier you intend to use. Where single items costs over £1,000 a minimum of two quotes/estimates must be obtained with an indication of the supplier you intend to use
  14. All quotes from suppliers must be on headed paper, from brochures or websites and must be made available on request.
  15. Applications must show how you plan for the future of your project.
  16. Where the total cost of the project exceeds £50,000, a project or business plan should be provided including estimates from the suppliers that you intend to use to complete your project – this should be forwarded separately to the Community Area Manager.
  17. If your project requires planning permission, building regulations or any other form of licence or approval, this must be sought before submitting your application. Any grant shall be conditional on approvals being received
  18. Applicants must acknowledge Wiltshire Council’s financial support in any publicity, printed or website material and use the council’s approved logo. 
  19. If successful and you receive a grant from the area board, a condition is that you must be able to provide copies of all receipts and invoices associated with your grant on request as your project may be audited after completion. 
  20. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the Community Area Manager if the funds raised for their project (including those awarded by the area board) exceed the sum required. 
  21. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the Community Area Manager if there are any changes to the project considered and awarded a grant by the area board. 
  22. Completion of an evaluation form is a condition of receiving area board funding and information/photographs to demonstrate how your grant was spent should be provided as soon as the project is completed. 
  23. The grant money can be requested by successful applicants only when all award criteria have been met (e.g. match funding is in place). 
  24. All decisions about community area grants are made by the locally elected councillors on your area board. 
  25. If you receive funding, the money cannot be claimed before 3 months of the project starting and must be used for the purpose described in your application.

If you meet our criteria, we would be delighted to receive your application, apply online now – click here.


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