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26th July 2018, 11:10am | By richardrogers |

2 years ago, the community gardens at the back and sides of Springfield Community Campus in Corsham were looking rather neglected and unattractive. A group of volunteers with the support of Corsham Area Board came together and started to change that. Raised beds were made and installed, a picnic bench put in, damaged trees were cared for, bulbs placed in between the trees, the wildflower meadow managed and the space kept attractive. All this hard work was recognised with a gold award from South West in Bloom last summer.

The judges returned again this year and were impressed by the improvements over the past year and those that are planned. They were delighted to see children visiting to learn about the plants and the number of people who were simply there enjoying the space.

There is still more to do and we would welcome help from anyone who would like to get involved. No experience required and the way it is run, no one is expected to take on too much.

There has been another raised bed installed and planted with herbs. The raised beds are looked after by different organisations and groups. If you would like to take this one on then please do get in touch. It is a great way of promoting your group or business as well.

Interpretation boards for the wildflower area have now been completed and will be installed in the next couple of weeks. This will be a great bonus as those visiting will be able to find out about the numerous and sometimes rare flowers and insects as well as learn about the importance of maintaining wildflower areas.

A lockup is now available which holds tools and other items for people to use. Some small improvements are also underway such as clearing the weeds on the path, additional benches and providing an outside tap. We are also looking at running a course for people who wish to learn about how to use a scythe to cut the meadow

If you can spare a couple of hours now and then to help look after and improve this lovely area, do get in touch with Richard Rogers at


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