Metro Counts in place in Chippenham Community Area

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Western Wiltshire Strategic Traffic Model – Surveys

Wiltshire Council is reviewing the adopted Wiltshire Core Strategy (to be recast as the Wiltshire Local Plan).  A review is required as the Government expects local planning authorities to update their Local Plans regularly (i.e. every three years). In order to prepare the review in good time, it is necessary to commence work on evidence gathering now.

An initial consultation undertaken in late 2017 asked about the issues the review should address in order to plan for the period to 2036. At this stage no decisions have yet been made on the future locations for growth and development.

In terms of evidence gathering, you may have seen a number of tubes and cameras located at various locations on the highway network in western Wiltshire.

These have been commissioned by Wiltshire Council to gather traffic movement data which will be used to build a traffic model to assist with the review of the Wiltshire Local Plan to 2036.

The Automatic Traffic Counter (ATC) tubes and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are located in and around the following towns:

  • Calne (5 ANPR sites and 14 ATC sites)
  • Chippenham (17 ANPR sites and 41 ATC sites)
  • Corsham (5 ANPR sites and 13 ATC sites)
  • Devizes (5 ANPR sites and 15 ATC sites)
  • Royal Wootton Bassett (6 ANPR sites and 14 ATC sites)
  • Trowbridge (7 ANPR sites and 20 ATC sites)
  • Warminster (7 ANPR sites and 19 ATC sites)
  • Westbury (5 ANPR sites and 12 ATC sites)

(Salisbury is not included in the above list as the Salisbury traffic model has recently been updated).

There are also 58 ATC sites located across six rural screen lines to capture traffic movements between towns / rural areas.

The ATC tubes and ANPR cameras are scheduled to be in place for up to three weeks in June/July 2018.  However, due to failures and breakages, it may be necessary to have some tubes and/or cameras in place for a slightly longer time period.

For further information on the surveys (including to notify of any tube or camera breakages), please contact Robert Murphy on tel. no. 01225 713 458 or email

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