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#OurCommunityMattersCheck this out - The Coffee Connection.

tweeted on : Tue Jan 19 15:05

#OurCommunityMattersCheck this out - Wiltshire Youth Hub launches at online event this week.

tweeted on : Tue Jan 19 15:05

Link Schemes need your help to get people to their vaccines - please contact below!!!

tweeted on : Mon Jan 18 10:26

@WiltshireCAB can help you with anThe friendly team at can help you with any problem you have. You can get in touch in a number of ways…

tweeted on : Wed Jan 13 10:11

@WiltshireBuses I follow along with YouTube videos - Try Yoga with Adrienne she has lots of content for all abilities.

tweeted on : Tue Jan 12 20:22

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Remember your COVID-19 shop safe checklist: 😷 Wear a face covering 👨 👩🏼 Stay 2m apart from others 🤝 Sanitise ha…

tweeted on : Tue Jan 19 18:27

The draft budget proposals for 2021/22 have been published, which outlines the financial plan to help Wiltshire rec…

tweeted on : Tue Jan 19 17:40

@CommFirstWilts are lookingOur friends are looking for volunteers to support their link scheme by transporting people to get t…

tweeted on : Tue Jan 19 16:47

#VirtualJobsFair@HMGSouthWest Register now for the to hear from industry experts about what it’s like to work in their sector between…

tweeted on : Tue Jan 19 15:56

#StormChristoph@EnvAgencySW Heavy rain is expected from tomorrow - as always sign up to our flood warning service Stay htt…

tweeted on : Tue Jan 19 15:56